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  1. I Know Why DOG is GOD Spelled Backwards
  2. A Man's Two Best Friends in Life—a Dog and God
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Now think about whether you know a single person with all of those qualities? Because people like that are so rare that they have tremendous impact on everyone they meet. I can think of only two people. The first was my high school English teacher, my greatest mentor and still a friend after thirty years. The second is my mother, who started from nothing and made her fortune the old fashioned way, through determination and hard work.

Even if you think about that big barking dog on your street that terrified you when you were a kid you might notice something. The Bible is built on that concept.

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But the older I get the more I wonder if we got it backwards? He knew how to use the litter box, climb trees and leap into boxes almost as soon as he was born.

I Know Why DOG is GOD Spelled Backwards

Dogs are the same. For a dog, every place is the best place to be right now. Every day is the best day. Everything is about tomorrow. Tomorrow will be good, not today.

A Man's Two Best Friends in Life—a Dog and God

We make everything much more complicated than it has to be and create most of our own suffering. Remember how your animals approach the day. The urgent can wait. Well, the irony of me writing a book about dogs is that I have never owned a dog. Between allergies, no fences and other excuses, my mother never okayed a pet, and when I became a mom I followed suit.

I ended up becoming a writer and eventually wrote a series of books on angels and how they work in our lives. Which is still going on.

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One day my editor at Loyola Press pointed out that in each of my angel books, there was a story about a dog. Why not a whole book about canine companions? They could be real dogs inspired by heaven to do something heroic or loving..


Or in some cases as in the earlier angel books , they could be part of a miracle, a spirit dog, there and not there. It sounded a little sacrilegious. But I kept thinking about it, and realized that I was putting limits on the Creator.

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  • But when they act like angels, perhaps we ought to pay attention to what God may be telling us through them. In your collection of stories, was there one central theme that ran through them? I was impressed with how much dogs love us. They live completely in the moment, and as long as we are with them, they are content. Gradually I noticed that audiences were becoming more receptive, and today almost 80 percent of Americans believe in angels.